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24 Jul 2018

Notice to Investors: 5DEL - JE00BVXVT099

We would  like to inform you that due to no further inventory,  our “SG DAX x5 Daily Long (GBP)” product has moved to bid-only and will formally delist (i.e. be decommissioned) in 14 weeks time. A notice to this effect has been published on the LSE.


The value of 5DEL will not move after 25/10/2018 and Investors will be paid back on the 02/11/2018 as foreseen in the legal documentation of the Notes, based on this value computed as of 26/10/2018.



Investors should note that the newly launched product SG76 (SG DAX x5 DAILY LONG) replaces 5DEL and is available to be invested in.   To avoid as much inconvenience as possible to you,  from today until the end of the delisting process, we are also offering the ability to make a full switch, should you wish*, from 5DEL to SG76 at reduced cost, by avoiding much of the typical bid/offer spread costs, should you find this of benefit**. 


* Nothing in this note constitutes advice on the merits of buying, or selling a particular investment or exercising any right conferred by the products described. SG does not offer investment advice in respect of these products and you should seek independent financial advice in relation to the products and any potential switch.

**Unfortunately we are unable to automate this process,  and all such orders must be made via phone with the same  broker. We are unable to pay for any fees your broker may charge for making such a switch, and any order  will need to be for the same nominal amount (less any broker fees).


Do not hesitate to contact us on 0 800 328 1199 or at should you need further information.

13 Oct 2017

Notice to Investors: 5DES - JE00BVXVT107

A notice has been published for the attention of holders of products with the following EPIC Code: 5DES / ISIN Code: JE00BVXVT107.


The value of the Notes will not move after the 09/01/2018 (this as a consequence of the redemption and delisting of the products on the London Stock Exchange). Investors will be paid back based on this value computed as of 09/01/2018.



Do not hesitate to contact us on 0 800 328 1199 or at should you need further information.

01 Jun 2017

Notice to Investors - FR0013118304

A notice has been published for the attention of holders of product with the following ISIN code: FR0013118304

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